about companyThe Ciocoyò franchising project is addressed to all those that love the sweet food industry and its world, and wish to start a successful career with Ciocoyò.
Open a franchise store with Ciocoyò will provide you with the opportunity to use a well-known international brand and the possibility of having high quality products at convenient prices for your clients your clients.
You are guaranteed excellent earnings and the training will be included with the franchise agreement.

Initially it is important to find a location with high footfall where the shop will be most visible, our consultant will help you assess the site and the work required. With the help of an architect he will also be able to create a 3D image of the future shop.
The Ciocoyò franchise offers an all-inclusive ready to go shop; we are including all the training, decorations, furnishings and equipment required to open a Ciocoyò store.
Once the new Ciocoyò store is ready to be open, we will provide you with all the products and related merchandising. You will also be given, banners, signs, window stickers and much more.
All the aspects associated to the internal design are included in the franchising.
Our main aim is to give the franchisee total economic independence in the first few months. Training will be provided to give your staff full confidence in operating the equipment in a short period of time.
The Ciocoyò team will provide constant training to the staff working in the various shops. We will also provide training with regards to health and safety, specific courses on how to operate the various equipment and the different products. We will follow and respect all the European and local regulations.
From the start we will be monitoring the manufacturer, the logistics and distribution of all the products you will need.
Ciocoyò ensures the delivery of a high quality products to his clients by using only the best materials and keeping a high standard of food hygiene.
The Franchisee will have a manual detailing all of the procedures to be followed relating to the transformation and presentation of all our products including all the merchandising.

Opening a Ciocoyò has never been so easy!!

To open a Store Ciocoyò?