HistoryphotoA long experience in franchising management field and knowledge about the food trade and sale of impulse, has led the origin of ciocoyò. We desire to drive our costumers in a sensorial travel, fragrances and unique tastes are the main protagonists, with products and merchandising studied tempting to buy. Ciocoyò is a new concept that fits with the sale of impulse, selected raw material and and the elegance of the concept.

January 2014: after two years of diligence ciocoyò project is born, a new concept store, projected and developed to be easily replicable and developable all over the world. Ciocoyò ltd is founded, web site, social page on facebook and youtube.

February 2014: Ciocoyò project arrived at the exhibition of London, during the three exposition days has been registered a sold out! Moreover we have received 110 membership applications arrived from four different continents. The directors of the exhibitions in Paris and New York have required our presence at these fairs.

March 2014: after the great success got at the London exhibition, Ciocoyò organized an event at Piccadilly Circus, getting interest and consents, until late night event journalists, managers and important characters of pastry industry entertain themselves at the events that has counted a sold out during the two days evening events. Magazine and web told about Ciocoyò, immediately “Panorama web” declared this brand as a “Luxury concept”.

April 2014: Ciocoyò opened the first temporary store in stratford shopping center, close to Westfield Mall, in only two months more than 200 fidelity cards were released. Natwest Bank took in consideration our development plan and firmed an official agreement Natwest/Ciocoyò, same allowed the new franchisee to have access to a facilitate funds only with the signature reported in the affiliation agreement.

June 2014: “The Crowdcube” offered to draw up the financial of Ciocoyò, estimating the project one million pound, in the mean while the membership applications reached 300 new potential contacts included three Masters international franchising.

November 2014: Ciocoyò opened a second temporary store on Melcombe street in Marylebone, London. After the summer valutation, concluded with a great success, the Christmas time has been a second attempt as further evidence about the potentiality of ciocoyò brand, getting interest and consents during christamas time.

March 2015: Ciocoyò, after having drawn up documents, brochure, menu, merchandising and having completed the last edits, received different commercial membership applications from several foreing companies to export our brand in exclusive large areas as Japan, Los Angeles, Russia.
Two new affiliation agreements were signed, still pending due to the hard mission in the seeking of prime locations and the several issues ran in the commercial unit retail dealing in London.

May 2015: Ciocoyò getting more estimation, the membership applications calculated are now 100, the firsts two affiliations agreement were signed. During the waiting of the first new opening Ciocoyò Store in London, two companies development chains required to manage and developing our brand following doing a research about potential new franchisee, the first company is based in the Balkans, the second is operating in Italy and London.

April 2016: Ciocoyò is going to open the first Ciocoyò store! The website has been very well updated with a new appealing version and interactive for our costumers, simultaneously the “Ciocoyò Card” is introduced with a new cover design and unique in its kind.

May 2016: the shop on line is on web, it allows to buy and bringing direct at home the quality of our Ciocoyò Brand! It has never been so easy!

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