CIOCOYO' was born by joining two professionals, from different backgrounds, with a combined experience of over thirty years in Ice Cream and automated vending machines. They decided to combine their skills to create a new and unique concept..

CIOCOYO' is the evolution in providing an excellent customer service with amazing products.

The idea of creating something different, captivating and integrating ones self in the current market by opening a CIOCOYO' store, means being unique, and breaking the standard routine of common places.

about company- Not a Chocolate Shop!

- Not an Ice Cream Shop!

- Not a Yogurt Shop!

CIOCOYO' is Much More.


CIOCOYO' is a new & young company, created in 2014 with a new business concept. We want to provide the quality products and provide the most excellent customer service.

We will provide all the information and training required to our associated to provide the most excellent service.

We have menage to create something that will break the mold of the standard places where you can enjoy quality products inside a related environment.

CIOCOYO' is constantly aiming to provide to our client the most excellent service.

To open a Store Ciocoyò?